Monday, January 29, 2007

R.I.P., Handsome Horse

Legendary Kentucky Derby winner Barabro was euthanized today, after a lengthy rehabilitation. The brave animal who inspired us all went quietly, and bravely, like the champion he was. I can't verify that, since I wasn't there, but I can;t imagine this wonderful beast going out any other way, can you?

Wiseass bloggers and crazy old ladies throughout the country are mourning the loss, as are filthy rich horse breeders who will lose out on a prized stud.

To add your thoughts, go to the official Barabaro Message Board. Don't be snarky - they don't take that very well. Remember that now, especially now, Barbaro will not be able to read your post, nor have it read to him, because he is dead. Actually, he could have had someone read them to him before, but he would not have understood them, because he was a horse.

Barbaro Cares Not What You Think (what?)

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