Saturday, September 27, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 4

Our condolences to any of our loyal readers who might have put down some friendly wagers based on the information contained within this column. The picks thus far have been downright nasty, dropping below the 50% threshold for the first time, well, ever.

Armed with a newfound determination to right our previous wrongs, we forge ahead with the promise, nay, the guarantee, that a 60% success rate will be achiveed. Yes we can!

Let's do this:

Cleveland (+3.5) over CINCINNATI
As bad as Browns have been, it remains an indisputable fact that there is no way in Hell the Cincinnati Bengals are 3.5 points better than anybody.
Browns 20 Bengals 17

Minnesota (+3.5) over TENNESSEE
As much as we love the Titans, they seem like the kind of team that will be locked into tight games most of the time. Vikes are good enough to keep it close.
Titans 17 Vikings 14

KANSAS CITY (+9.5) over Denver
Broncos are easily the most entertaining team in the league, due as much to their porous defense as the explosive offense. Chiefs go back to their best QB, Damon Huard, who gives them best chance of putting up points.
Broncos 31 Chiefs 23

NEW ORLEANS (-6.5) over San Francisco
Saints are due for easy one, and having the Niners in the Dome is just the ticket.
Saints 30 49ers 21

NY JETS (-2.5) over Arizona
Samll line for Jet team returning home against Cards bunch due for a raod letdown. Look for a big week from Favre.
Jets 27 Cardinals 20

Green Bay (+1.5) over TAMPA BAY
Still not believeing in the Bucs, who needed 60+ throws frmo Brian Griese and an awful call ont he game tying drive to beat Bears last week. Big bounce back for the Pack.
Packers 24 Bucs 16

Atlanta (+7.5) over CAROLINA
Falcs showing lots of moxie, might just have enough to scare the up-and-down Panthers.
Panthers 23 Falcons 16

Houston (+7.5) over JACKSONVILLE
Jags suffer inevitable letdown after finally beating Colts. Texans nned thisw one badly to avoid 0-3 start, placing Gary Kubiak on the hot seat.
Jaguars 19 Texans 16

San Diego (-7.5) over OAKLAND
Chargers putting early season woes behind them, while the ongoing mess that is the Radiers simplty don't have enough firepower to keep up. It is amazing that this team is playing so wekll for coach lane Kiffin, who, incredibly, is still leading the team. This would never happen if Al Davis were still alive.
Chargers 30 Raiders 16

ST. LOUIS (+8.5) over Buffalo
Can the Rams actually be this bad? Maybe. Switching to Trent Green is one of those rare desperation moves which makes absolutely non sense. We imagine Marc Bulger will be back under center by halftime, taking baby steps toward leading this team to slight respectability.
Bills 27 Rams 20

Washington (+11.5) over DALLAS
Cowboys, right now, are the best team in the NFL, but this seems like an awfully high number in a series whcih always seems to produce a tight game. Skins have looked good since Week 1 debacle and can stick around here.
Cowboys 24 Redskins 16

Philadelphia (-3.5) over CHICAGO
Dominant Eagle pass rush will hit Kyle Orton hard enough to dislodge his neck beard. Can't see Bears generating nearly enoughn offense to keep this one close.
Eagles 20 Bears 8

Monday Night
PITTSBURGH (-7.5) over Baltimore
Risky pick at this number, but Pittsburgh has aleways shown the ability to come back big after a toiugh loss, and defense will lead the way in Prime Time.
Steelers 17 Ravens 7

Last Week: 6-10
Season Total: 23-24

Best Bets
Last Week: 0-3
Season Total: 1-5

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