Friday, February 27, 2009

Calhoun: "Misinterpreted"?

Nearly a week after his unhinged rant at a local rabble rouser, UCONN Coach Jim Calhoun issued a sort of apology. Not to said rabble rouser, Ken Krayeske, but to the people of Connecticut.

From the statement released Thursday:

It has become clear that my comments have been misinterpreted by some as being
insensitive to the current economic climate that those of us around our
and here in Connecticut are all facing

Exactly what was "misinterpreted" Coach? The part where you moaned that you weren't giving back one dime, or the part where you needed to retire with this cushion?

This entire story only went viral because of Calhoun's ridiculous response. Had he simply given a stock answer, something at which sports folk usually excel, the story would never have taken off. Something along the lines of "I know times are hard, but I have a job to do...." etc. This whole controversy is on him.

Trust us, we live in CT, and both Calhoun and Geno Auriema walk on water, with little to no bashing from the local lapdogs in the media, who fear a loss of access if offending the savior coaches. Seeing someone calmly ask a question which immediately showed Calhoun's prckly side was a rare sight indeed.

For his part, Krayeske accomplished his goal of bringing the issue to light, and has reaped the reward of national exposure. Let's hope if he decides to show up at any future games or press conferences, he brings a bodyguard.

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