Sunday, September 9, 2007

NFL - Week 1 Picks

The picks have returned, with one slight change: this year, point spreads are in play. The lines are taken from the ESPN Pigskin Pick'em, as I have joined the Bill Simmons group. Whee!

Since Week One is a total crapshoot anyway, I have forgone the capsule summaries for each game. Oh, and I'm already 0-1 thanks to the miserable performance by the Saints on Thursday. Thanks guys.

The Week One selections (home team in CAPS):

New Orleans (+6/2) over INDIANAPOLIS

BUFFALO (+3 1/2) over Denver
Pittsburgh (-3/12) over CLEVELAND
Philadelphia (-2 1/2) over GREEN BAY
Kansas City (+1 1/2) over HOUSTON
Tennessee (+5/12) over JACKSONVILLE
Atlanta (+2 1/2) over MINNESOTA
New England (-5 1/2) over N.Y. JETS
ST. LOUIS (-1 1/2) over Carolina
WASHINGTON (-3 1/2) over Miami
OAKLAND (-2 1/2) over Detroit
Chicago (+5 1/2) over SAN DIEGO
SEATTLE (-6 1/2) over Tampa Bay
DALLAS (-3 1/2) over N.Y. Giants

CINCINNATI (-3 1/2) over Baltimore
Arizona (+3 1/2) over SAN FRANCISCO

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