Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No, We Won't

Jim Caple threw up a column today telling all of us that we'll miss Barry Bonds when he's gone, as he plays his final home game in San Francisco tonight.

Don't think so, Jimmy. It's been a refreshingly Bonds-free time since he broke Hank Aaron's record, save for the info this week about the Giants asking that he not return in 2008. Watching him parade his tired ass around this winter looking for a team will be a sad spectacle, no doubt, but there will be little sympathy. As stated many times, by many people, Bonds is, and has been for quite some time, a jerk, which makes him impossible to root for. Watching him take hacks in 2008, likely as a DH (Detroit? Anaheim? Oakland? Yankees?) will be a non-event, and if he doesn't return, we here at BIMRVM speak for many when we state he will not be missed.

Bye Bye Barry!

Caple (Page 2): You'll miss Bonds

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