Thursday, April 5, 2007

Nice, but still, damn.

Full disclosure: Your humble editor is a Mets fan.

After a spring training which, even though we all know doesn't mean a blessed thing, still was beginning to make me a little nervous, the Mets opened 2007 against the very same team which eliminated them in 2006. Ladies and Gentlemen, your World Champion St. Louis Cardinals!

The three game beatdown was thorough and saisfying, no doubt (outscoring St. Loo by a 20-2 margin, hearing the Greatest Fans In The World boo their team, shooting down any questions about the legitimacy of the Met pitching staff). But......jeez, even a few of those 20 runs would have been great to have last October.
Hopefully this portends to bigger and better things this season. The team seems hungry, as if pursuing something they feel is theirs, and taking away the sting of October, 2006.
Damn. It still bugs me, though.
Silver lining? The Phillies are already 2 1/2 games out.

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