Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ESPN Looks Inward

The Worldwide Leader has had someone fill the Ombudsman role for awhile now. The original one, George Something, recently stepped aside and was replaced by Le Anne Schreiber.

Let's back up a bit. I like ESPN. Well, let's say that now I tolerate my addiction to it, "like" is too strong a word. Like a gay cowboy, I just can't quit you, Bristol. It's not so much that the network has grown so much since it's humble beginnings, from the days of televising tractor pulls, Aussie rules football and the like. The fact that a 24 hour sports channel even existed was enough of a novelty for me. I look fondly on the days when Tom Mees, Bob Ley, a non-bloated Chris Berman, etc. would deliver the Sportscenter smack into my sports-craved bloodstream. Remember that before then you were relegated to waiting for your local news guy to deliver the goods, once at 6:40 and again at 11:20. There was SportsPhone in the NY Metro Area, but that was a toll call. Having this level of sports information available was amazing! Also, this was pre-Internet, so remember, as always, that I am older than dirt.

What I can't stand now is the Disney-owned-corporate-synergy-cross-promotional-
on-ABC that ESPN is today.

Anyway, the Ombudsman, she is awesome. It really seems as if she hasn't been watching/reading/listening, thus is almost incredulous in some of her commentary. My favorite was her asking why the anchors were constantly yelling at her. Rather than pick through her commentary, I've linked it here.

I think I love this woman.

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