Thursday, April 19, 2007


This man is absolutely Locked. In. Another HR on Thursday, his 10th of the young season, led the Yankees to an incredible 8-6 win over Cleveland.

Now, as the Bombers head to Boston to renew the most overhyped rivalry in Sports, BIMRVM asks a simple question:

What Will Terry Francona Do?

Hard to tell, but if there is any sense of baseball gamesmanship, Mr. Rodriguez will taste the dirt around home plate at Fenway at some point this weekend, preferably early on Friday. I'm not advocating that he be plunked, just dusted. Let's see if any Red Sox pitcher takes it upon himself to make the effort to slow down the red-hot slugger.

My money is on Josh Beckett on Saturday, though I wouldn't put it past Schilling to smoke one under his chin on Friday night.

Grab some popcorn kids, this could be fun to watch.

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Chris the 420 Yankee Fan said...

My money is on the always "classy" Schilling to do the deed in A-rod's first at bat. Yankees just need one game out of this series until they can get their front line starters back in gear. Tonight is huge.