Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 12 - What Did We Learn?

Welcome to a new feature which will appear sporadically after a NFL Sunday, What Did We Learn?

Pretty self explanatory, eh? Let's proceed:

1.) Kicking to Devin Hester is really stupid. This was actually learned by most people several weeks ago, but Mike Shanahan apparently did not get the memo.

2.) The Cardinals should rarely be favored over anyone, and Vegas is just messing with us when they set the line at 10+.

3.) The Rams will not run the table, go 8-8, and win the NFC West. Gus Frerotte saw to that.

4.) The Chiefs might have something special in Kolby Smith.

5.) It is actually possible to hit Tom Brady, bottle up Randy Moss, score 28 points on the New England defense, and still lose.

6.) The Ravens really, really suck. This makes us really, really happy.

7.) Eli Manning might have issues differentiating between blue and white jerseys.

8.) Vince Young might not be that good.

9.) The bookies made their point with the huge Pats/Eagles line. Might be awhile before we see it go that high again. Phew.

10.) Brett Favre kinds, sorta did the right thing by sticking around. Can't imagine why anyone would have said he was selfish for doing so.

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