Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We'll Take A Shot At This One....

Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury continued his amazing year yesterday. After the Knickerbockers knocked off the Jazz 113-109 at MSG, the long suffering fans, apparently not ready to forgive all recent transgressions despite the win, booed. Marbury, not normally prone to broad, idiotic statements, uncorked this gem:

"If people feel like they need to come here and do that, then that's what they're going to do.....I don't even think they know why they're booing."

Hmm, you raise an interesting theory there, Mr. Marbury. Perhaps we can offer some points of rebuttal:

  • The team, once one of the jewels of the NBA, has become a laughingstock
  • The owner is a trust fund idiot who has absolutely no idea how to run the business of Madison Square Garden
  • Said owner hired a GM (who now doubles as coach) who has failed at every other endeavor he's undertaken since retiring as a player
  • Said GM/Coach recently took a bath (thus tarnishing an already damaged public image) by losing an embarassing sexual harassment lawsuit
  • Said owner allowed that case to go to court rather than pay a quick settlement
  • You, sir, Mr. Marbury, introduced the "fun truck" to that circus
  • You also ditched the team during a recent west coast road trip
  • The fans, realizing they were forced to pay exorbitant prices to fund this disaster, needed an outlet to express their collective frustration
Just a hunch.

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