Monday, January 28, 2008

Following The Clemens Blueprint...Except For The Injections

Teemu Selanne is taking a page from the Roger Clemens playbook and is returning to the Ducks for the remainder of the season.

To be fair, the Finnish star never actually said he was retiring, never accepted the farewell accolades, and never took any cars or prizes on his way out. It is heretofore unknown if he has received any ass injections prior to the return (allegedly, of course).

Teammate Scott Neidermayer did a similar thing, and one wonders if this will become standard operating procedure for guys 35-plus. Skipping training camp at that age, and joining the team for the second half of the season plus playoffs, could prove to be a recipe for success, especially if the Ducks can repeat as Cup champs.

The Ducks are currently the #5 seed in the Western Conference.

After considering retirement, Selanne agrees to one-year deal with Ducks

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