Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Goose Goes In Alone

In a bit of a surprise, only Goose Gossage received enough votes to qualify for the baseball Hall of Fame. Jim Rice finished second, just a scant 24 votes shy. Sucks to be him today.

As you might recall, in our preview, we speculated that Gossage would get in, along with Rice, so we're 1 for 2. Rice's chances could take a hit next year, barring any sympathy votes, since Rickey Henderson will be on the ballot and is a likely first time winner. Others affected by Rickey's emergence will be Andre Dawson (358 votes, 65.9%) and Tim Raines (132, 24.3%). Bert Blyleven (336, 61.9%) will get there, eventually, but fell short again, as should Jack Morris (233, 42.9%).

Mark McGwire (128, 23.9%) is still being punished for that jar of Andro and his "Let's not live in the past" comments, no doubt. It would be a surprise if both he and Dale Murphy (a shockingly low 75, 13.8%) don't received increasing support over the next few years.

It's hard to take issue with the voting results. What jumps opff the page upon looking at the breakdown, however, is the lower half of the list. To wit: Harold Baines, who received a scant 28 votes in his first year of eligibility, is the last player who could at least be debated as to his worthiness for the Hall. One would think that the remaining players listed on the ballot would not get any consideration. One would be wrong:

Rod Beck20.4%
Travis Fryman20.4%
Robb Nen20.4%
Shawon Dunston10.2%
Chuck Finley10.2%
David Justice10.2%
Chuck Knoblauch10.2%
Todd Stottlemyre10.2%
Jose Rijo00%
Brady Anderson00%

Come ON! Who is the douchenozzle who chose to throw away a vote on Todd Stottlemyre? Travis Fryman? Chuck freaking Knoblauch? Really? You want to defend that choice there, buddy? Not that these votes would have tipped the scales for any other of the near misses, but the BBWAA should take a long, hard look at the idiots who make votes like this, and consider revoking the privilege.

Hall Welcomes Gossage (mlb.com)

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