Monday, February 5, 2007

Predictions? Not So Good....

Most sports pundits will not go back and revisit their predictions after the fact, unless said choices were 100% accurate.

That? Is where I'm different.

With yet another loss this post season picking against Indianapolis (making a perfect 0-4 record) under my belt, I'd like ot go over my specific points highlighted in my Super Bowl preview, and see how I did.

Point #1: The game will be unusually high scoring.
Not really, as the score didn't even crack the "over". The weather could have been a factor, and would be an obviouis cop out choice for me to make, but Indy had a game plan to chew up clock and wear down the Bears defense, and that well executed plan had more to do with the relatively low point total.
Prediction Result: Incorrect.

Point #2: Special Teams will be a huge factor
Proven correct 14 seconds in. Why Indy kicked to Hester I'll never know, but they only did it once.
Prediction Result: Somehwhat correct.

Point #3: Turnovers will be the key
Though the number of turnovers was high, they evened out, with several dircetly related to the conditions. The two 4th quarter picks of errant Grossman passes were more in line with what I was thinking, and the one returned for a TD pretty much iced the game.
Prediction Result: Dead on

Point #4: Rex Grossman is under absolutely no pressure, but Peyton Manning is
More of an observation than a prediction. Manning rose to the occasion after a shaky start, and spent the better part of the game simply taking what he was given, and not forcing throws. Grossman had a chance to be a hero in the 4th quarter, after fumbling and stubling earlier, but threw two ugly picks which cemented his reputation as an erratic QB.

Point #5: Where is Marvin Harrison?
Obviously the Colts knew what we all knew, that #88 had to get involved, and he did. Harrison caught five balls for 59 yards, but was clearly in the mix unlike previous games in these playoffs.

Point #6: The Pick - Bears 34 Colts 26
We all know what happened here. I never really believed in Indy since that nasty loss to the Jaguars late in the year where the defense allowed 300+ rushing yards. Obviously the return of Bob Sanders was huge. As is usually the case, my personal feelings toward a team weighed heavily in my pick, and more often than not I get burned by that.
Prediction Result: Could not have been more wrong.

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